Helping Our Friends at MyForest Foods Make it Sizzle!

MyBacon strips

We’re thrilled to be partnering with MyForest Foods as Construction Manager as Constructor on the building of a groundbreaking facility where they will begin to produce their revolutionary plant-based bacon. We’re working closely with the good folks at MyForest Foods and their architect on the new construction of this nearly 60,000 square foot facility. The project includes demolition of existing structures on the site, and conversion of existing structures to meet the rigorous technical requirements of a complex, modern food manufacturing facility. After the project is completed, it will provide MyForest Foods the capacity to produce their signature product – MyBacon® Strips.

But how are they going to make plant-based bacon that even the most skeptical bacon-lover would enjoy? Ever heard of mycelium (pronounced my-sea-lee-yumm)? This meaty mushroom root found in the forest does it all, from taste to texture. Grown whole in MyForest vertical farms, it’s sliced and seasoned to perfection, ready to feed the world—one sustainably delicious bite at a time. From the sound of the sizzle to the snap of that first bite—the first planned product, signature MyBacon® Strips will satisfy every aspect of the bacon-eating experience.

Our Proven Process For Success

We’re able to partner with innovative companies on complex construction projects in a variety of industries like manufacturing and health-care because of our proven process for success:
  • We actively listen, ask key questions, and guide the conversation to clearly understand your needs and expectations. Aligning the project team forms the foundation to reach our customers’ project goals.
  • Collaborating with our client and the design professionals, we brainstorm and engage strategic partners to plan their project. Our team continually investigates, analyzes, and confirms the evolving building components and systems to formulate the best value solution.
  • This iterative process allows us the greatest opportunity to impact the project by delivering best value options and solutions for our customers. Sharing our research, expertise, and ideas guides them to make well-informed decisions to further define their vision.
  • Our pre-planning pays dividends. The strategy we create keeps the project team focused, providing smoother execution and a higher quality build. Our proactive and collaborative LEAN approach minimizes impacts and maximizes opportunities for success.
  • We do our best for our customers, and importantly, we do what’s right. Successfully achieving their vision fosters an enduring relationship, reliability and pride. Through reflection and constructive feedback, we continually learn and improve our services to better serve all our clients.